NZ Hospitality people

New Zealand's borders are now open to all...

As New Zealand is open to all now, the Hospitality providers will again be flat out. Our hospitality businesses need support and supplies to successfully deliver the 'NZ experience'. With a bumper ski season, which doesn't look like it's ending any time soon, we will have lots of people coming to both the North and South Islands. We have Accommodation Providers, Restaurants/Cafe's, Entertainment and Tour Operators. If you provide goods or services to this business sector, we have the contact details for you. We can also segment geographically to make sure you get to the people in your area. To see more click: Hospitality & Food 

Accommodation Providers
Including Hotels, Motels, and other accommodation places, we have a total nationwide of 3,400 businesses for you to contact. With Mail, Telephone and Email addresses. Accommodation Providers 

Restaurants & Cafe's
With all the travellers hitting our shores these businesses will be flat out again. We have coverage across New Zealand of 5,600 businesses including Restaurants, Cafe's, and Hotel Restaurants & Bars. If you need to contact these businesses with your services or products, click Cafes and Restaurants

Entertainment/Tour Operators
Finally our Tour Operators and Entertainment specialists can get underway to provide a brilliant NZ experience for incoming tourists. With over 1,300 businesses throughout NZ they will be back to business and needing products and services to make them tick. Get in touch with us about who you need to contact at Ph: 09 636 1300 

Function & Conference Coordinators
These people are within larger companies who have the responsibility for arranging Conferences, Events, and Functions for their company. This role is performed by a number of different people including Human Resource Managers, Personal and Executive Assistants, Financial Controllers, and Office Managers to name a few. For more info click Function & Conference Coordinators

Data Digits at a Glance - with Staff numbers, Website addresses, NZ Nationwide Businesses

  1. 143,700 - Businesses with Staff numbers
  2. 105,150 - Business Website Addresses
  3. 178,800 - Total NZ Businesses

Privacy Matters - Challenging Technologies
We came across an interesting article from John Edwards, the recently departed Privacy Commissioner. It is entitled "Challenging Technologies: Perspectives from the Privacy Commissioner." He makes some insightful observations for us to consider. Click through to the introduction to the article through the Privacy Commissioner website Challenging Technologies Blog 

Do give us a call on Ph: 09 636 1300 if you need to contact NZ Businesses. We can give you an accurate number of the businesses you work with to expand your marketing reach.