Martins Data Services

Clean your database

Is your customer information held in a number of different databases? Does it have a mixture of upper and lower casing? Are the email addresses all correct? Are there New Zealand Post Codes on all the addresses? Are the contact names split out into first name, surname? Can you actually use the data for mail outs, or are there too many messy records?

We can clean your database:

  • You avoid sending multiple copies of same mail piece to the same person
  • Money savings - with full and correct post coding you can get New Zealand Post discounts
  • Compliance with the Privacy Act 1993 – ensuring you data is current and correct
  • You present a professional image on all of your customer correspondence
  • Get rid of embarrassing and costly duplicate entries

      Data Enhancing

      Martins can enhance your in-house database, by file matching your records to the Martins' database. Your data can then be enhanced by adding any of the following fields - Phone Number, Fax Number, Mobile Number, E-Mail Address, Contact Name, Street Address, Post Code, Staff Numbers, ANZSIC Code, Type of Business, Website address. Martins can then add companies you should have to make sure you are reaching your entire audience (selecting by any combination of Staff Size, Industry, Region, List codes or Modelled/Actual Turnover).

      Furthermore, once we have removed (or flagged) duplicate records, standardised fields, added post codes, split out the names, checked and cleaned email addresses – we can add Martins data to ensure that you are reaching everyone you need to. Each new Martins record added will be charged at the same rate as your cleaned data.

      What we can clean:

      • Casing – will make all Sentence Case – Mixture of Upper and Lower Case(Many databases are stored ALL IN CAPITALS!)
      • Cleaning Address fields for New Zealand Post compliance
      • Adding New Zealand Post Codes, Standardising the Phone and Fax numbers, and STD codes
      • Splitting out the Contact Names and Casing, and Adding Titles
      • Removing or Flagging duplicates

      Deduping and Merge Purge

      Most databases contain duplicates, which can lead to all sorts of problems.  Martins have developed fuzzy search algorithms to help keep a single copy of each record. Duplicates can be either removed or flagged.

      A merge-purge involves joining two or more databases and keeping only one copy of each record (generally a company, but could also be individual contacts). Preference can be given to newest records, or if we are merging data, we can select the most detailed record.