The largest supplier of email business databases in NZ

Martins have Business Databases of New Zealand businesses. We are one of the largest suppliers of business data in New Zealand. We are a New Zealand owned company, and have been in business since 1989 (that's 31 years now!)

The databases are used for marketing to new contacts by Direct Mail, Telemarketing, or Email. You can select these databases using the following fields: Industry, Region, City, Job Title, or Staff size. You only need to let us know what your target market is, and we can do an appropriate search to find the "right people" for you to contact.

We also provide specialised "Data Services" to clean or enhance your existing database which includes: Post coding, Data cleaning, De-duping, File matching, and SOA's - State of Accuracy Certificates.

Martins Data Services


Our accurate targeted business databases can be purchased by searching on Industry, Geographical area, Job Title, Staff Sizes or Modelled/Actual Turnover. 
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Email marketing

As we supply personalised Email Addresses with our Mailing and Telephone information, we have a Managed Email Campaign service to design and send Emails to multiple contacts for your company which is an extremely effective way of getting your message directly to the decision-maker.

Data services

We can clean your existing database and enhance it by adding the following fields: Postcodes, Address Fields, Email addresses, Staff numbers, etc.  We can also take out duplications. We  provide an SOA - Statement of Accuracy Certificate for the finished database.

A Helping Hand for Business

September 18, 2020
New Zealand Business, Finance, Tax and HR AdvisorsBusinesses are in such a state of change with the Pandemic that they need all the help they can get with Financial Advisors, Accountants, and People and Culture Managers who can proactively cultivate a healthy business environment to weather this sto...
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How Martins began...

Founded in 1989 by Brent Martin in response to a need from the Building Industry to provide accurate databases of Specifiers (Architects, Engineers, and Designers), Brent starts Martins with a Nationwide Architects' database.  Practicing Architecture at the time, he knew the importance of a building products 'library'. Accurate data is vital to Building product suppliers sending product samples, brochures, e-news, etc. to ensure marketing information reaches the right people.  So Martins was born.  Read more.......