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Building Designers for New Builds and Renovations
Covid lockdowns mean Architects and Architectural Designers are now flat out with New Zealanders choosing to build or renovate their homes and offices to better utilise their space. 

We have comprehensive databases of New Zealand Building Designers including: Architects, Architectural Designers, Landscape Architects, Interior Designers and Structural and Civil Engineers. Then there are the people who check the build as it's in process: The Quantity Surveyors, Building Inspectors, and at the end of the build; the Valuers. We can supply these contacts to you by Region, Industry, Job Title, and Staff size, allowing you to reach everyone who is relevant to your business. For more information click Building Specifiers

We have a nationwide total of almost 1,530 Architects within the Architectural Practices. We can provide full details including email addresses for you to make contact about your goods and services to ensure your product is specified at the design stage. For more click Architects

Architectural Designers
These specialists are involved in designing, specifying, and creating working drawings and specifications. We have a total of 1,040 Architectural Designers nationwide. For more click Architectural Designers

Landscape Architects
Involved in planning, design, management and nurturing the builds of natural environments, they work to improve our human and environmental health in our communities. Nationwide we have 246 Landscape Architects. For more information click Landscape Architects

Privacy Matters - What is Personal Information?
The new Privacy Act 2020 is designed to protect and put safeguards around someone's personal information and how it is used and stored. But what exactly does the Act define as Personal Information?  As in the previous Privacy Act 1993, publicly available business information is not considered Personal Information under the Act, as it is in the public domain.