Safely Delivering Healthy Data

Health & Safety in High Risk industries  
In all industries there is the all important issue of "Health & Safety".  But there are industries where the risk is higher, and we'd like to focus on these places of work to highlight businesses where health and safety needs to be well managed; Manufacturing, Engineering, and Construction, where safety is paramount.

Manufacturing - Engineering - Construction
We have a huge range of Specialists within the Manufacturers, a raft of Engineers covering Civil to Mechanical, and we fully cover all businesses in the Construction industry.  We have Specific Job Titles identified, so you can target the "right person" for you to contact. 

We have over 1,500 Engineers Nationwide.  These cover a range of different Engineering businesses including: Civil, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Environmental, and 15 other Engineering Specialist areas identifying all needs in the New Zealand Marketplace.  To see the Engineering companies please Click Here 

Technical Specialists:
From Operations Managers within Manufacturing companies, to Telecommunications Technicians, we have a wide range of Technical Specialists.  We can also identify ICT Support Technicians, and Fire Protection & Safety Technicians, which will enable you to use your marketing budget effectively by getting to the decision maker the first time.  For more information, please give us a call on Ph: 09 636 1300

With over 10,000 contacts within the Construction industry, we have every industry covered from the ground up.  Including House Construction, Concreting Services, Electrical, Plumbing, Bricklaying, Landscape Services, to name a few.  To see the full range of business contacts within the Construction industry please Click Here

Getting your Privacy Practices Right
The tragic terrorist attack in Christchurch on the 15th March has resulted in an unusual consequence - a major backlash against Social Media giants.  Our Privacy Commissioner is very concerned about their collective privacy practices.  This lack of action has also seen many large advertisers suspend their advertisements as well as large investment funds re-evaluating their investments in these companies.  Not getting Privacy practices right can have a major impact on your business.  Click the following link to see the Tweet from our Privacy Commissioner 

Please make Contact and we will endeavour to find your exact target market for new business.