Okey Dokey Business Data from Martins

Huge increase in NZ Business Contacts at Martins...

Good data is dynamic - constantly changing and updating.  This month we focused on four areas of data where contact numbers have increased hugely since 2017:

  • House Construction
  • Engineering Consulting Services
  • Legal Services
  • Management Consulting Services

Building Construction and Engineers Creating Homes and offices for New Zealand
If would be fair to say that New Zealand building professionals are under a lot of pressure to build more homes and commercial buildings than ever before.  This is the time to target these busy professionals to let them know what your company produces that will make their lives easier, and allow them to do the best job of design, structure, and build.  With 3,707 Construction Companies nationwide and 1,163 Engineering Consulting Services you can have access to all these business contacts.

  • Privacy Matters - GDPR The General Data Protection Regulation

If your business trades with the European Union - EU, you will need to be aware of a major changes coming to their Privacy Laws on the 25th May 2018.  The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will have an impact on the way you store and use data relating to individuals in EU countries.

There have been several useful guidelines produced to help you comply with the GDPR.  To read the Principles of EU General Data Protection Regulation, please click this link