NZ Business People - Building, Construction, and Hospitality

There is an everchanging cycle of business people in New Zealand. We have a number of industries where there have been many changes, so this may be the ideal time to either update your database or we can supply new contacts to increase your reach.

The three industries we have seen the most changes in are:

  1. Building Designers - Architects and Architectural Designers

  2. All Building Specialists - Construction inside and out

  3. Hospitality & Food Businesses - Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, Cafes

Architects & Architectural Designers:
If you need to contact Architects and Architectural Designers about your products we have a fully updated database with the new people, and the changes to existing Practices. Nationwide we have 1,482 Architects and 1,040 Architectural Designers. Give us a call on 09 636 1300 and we can discuss whether you need a nationwide update or just in your region. Click for more Specifier information

All Building Specialists
The construction industry is tasked with providing a great number of new builds to accommodate the growing NZ population. Compounding this challenge are some natural disasters earlier in the year also affecting the building stock. We have all the building trades across NZ. For more info See Building Trades

Hospitality Businesses
This industry has undergone the most changes in the last couple of years due to the Pandemic. But it is up and booming again, with 4,490 accommodation providers, 7,500 Restaurants & Cafes and over 1,000 Pubs, Taverns and Bars. If your products fuel this industry we can make sure you have all the contacts to sell to. Hospitality information

Privacy Matters...
The Government is seeking feedback on a draft law looking to give Consumers greater control of their data held by Companies as well as the ability to share this data. This could have far reaching implications in the Privacy space. The proposal is to introduce this Law first into the banking industry. To find out more about his proposed new Law: Click for Information about a Customer and Product Data Bill

Martins Partial Price Increase
Three of our data products have had a price increase effective 1st September 2023

  1. TE (Telephone & Email) now $1.00 per record

  2. ME (Mail & Telephone) now $1.00 per record

  3. MTE (Mail, Telephone & Email) now $1.20 per record

Prices exclude Gst. See Full Price List

We look forward to talking with you about your specific needs for the "right people" to make contact with. Please give us a call on Ph: 09 636 1300