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Unlock the Power of Clean Data

Enhance your business with Martins' Data Cleaning. We eliminate duplicates, standardise fields, and enrich your records, ensuring your data drives success.

Our data cleaning solutions are designed to help you maximise the value of your data. By addressing common data issues such as duplicates, inconsistencies, and inaccuracies, we provide you with clean, reliable data that enhances your business operations and decision-making processes.

Duplicate Removal

Eliminate redundancies with our Duplicate Removal service. We identify and remove duplicate entries to streamline your database, enhancing data accuracy and efficiency.

Postal Address Verification

Improve mailing accuracy with our Postal Address Verification service. We verify and correct postal addresses, adding missing postcodes to reduce undeliverable mail and lower costs.

Field Standardisation

Ensure consistency with our Field Standardisation service. We standardise phone numbers, addresses, and names for uniformity, improving data usability and integration.

Email Verification

Enhance your email marketing with our Email Verification service. We validate and clean email addresses to increase deliverability rates and reduce bounces, boosting your campaign effectiveness.

Data Enhancement

Enrich your records with our Data Enhancement service. We append missing information such as phone numbers, emails, and contact names, providing a more valuable database.

Data Cleaning Pricing

Our data cleaning services ensure your customer database is accurate, up-to-date, and compliant. Through our thorough and efficient processes, we help you maintain a professional image and achieve cost savings.

Service Rate: $110.00 per hour + GST

What We Clean

Casing: Convert to sentence case for consistency.
PO Box: Add "PO Box" where applicable.
Post Codes: Add and verify postcodes for all addresses.
Phone Numbers: Standardise phone and STD codes.
Contact Names: Split contact names into first name and surname.
Duplicates: Remove or flag duplicate entries.

Benefits For Clean Data

Single Customer View: Consolidate all your data in one place.
Cost Savings: Reduce costs with accurate post coding for NZ Post discounts.
Compliance: Ensure compliance with the Privacy Act 2020.
Professional Image: Present a polished and professional image in all customer interactions.
Efficiency: Avoid sending multiple copies of the same mail piece to the same person.

Eliminate errors & enhance the integrity of your data