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Marketing Databases

Comprehensive and Up-to-Date Data for the Marketing Sector

Advertising Managers

Plans, organises, directs, controls and coordinates the advertising activities within an organisation.

Code: 131113

Call or Contact Centre Managers

Organises and controls the operations of a call or contact centre. May also perform duties as a supervisor.

Code: 149211

Call Centre Operation

This class consists of units mainly engaged in answering telephone calls and relaying messages to clients and providing telemarketing services.

Code: 7294

Customer Service Managers

Plans, administers and reviews customer service and after-sales services, and maintains sound customer relations.

Code: 149212

Graphic Designers

Plans, designs, develops and prepares information for publication and reproduction. Selects, designs, illustrates, lays out and typesets publication and multimedia materials. Alternative Titles: Commercial Artist.

Code: 232411

Market Research Analysts

Determines the market for goods and services, develops advertising strategies and evaluates business actions in commercial organisations.

Code: 225113

Marketing Specialists

Identifies market opportunities and advises on the development, coordination and implementation of plans for pricing and promoting an organisation’s goods and services.

Code: 225113


Operates and controls film and digital cameras to take photographs of people, places, merchandise, other subjects, and reproduces and retouches them.

Code: 211311

Public Relations Managers

Plans, organises, directs, controls and coordinates the public relations activities within an organisation. Alternative Titles: Communications Manager, Corporate Affairs Manager, PR Manager, PR and Public Affairs Manager.

Code: 131114

Sales and Marketing Managers

Plans, organises, directs, controls, and coordinates the sales and marketing activities within an organisation. Specialisations include Business Development Manager, Marketing and Business Development Manager, Sales and Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, and Sales Manager.

Code: 131112

Sales Assistants (General)

Sells goods and services, such as food, clothing, hardware, household appliances, office supplies and stationery, in retail or wholesale establishments. Alternative Titles: Sales Assistant.

Code: 621111

Sales Representatives (Building and Plumbing Supplies)

Represents their company in selling builders' timber and building and plumbing supplies to clients and wholesalers.

Code: 611311

Sales Representatives (Business Services)

Represents their company in selling financial, advertising and other business services.  
Specialisations: Sales Representative (Advertising), Sales Representative (Printing).

Code: 611312

Sales Representatives (Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories)

Represents their company in selling motor vehicle parts and accessories to wholesale and retail establishments.

Code: 611313

Sales Representatives (Personal and Household Goods)

Represents their company in selling consumer goods, such as toys, sporting goods, books, stationery, hardware, floor coverings, furniture, textiles, clothing, footwear, toiletries and groceries, to wholesale and retail establishments.

Code: 611314

Sales Representatives (not elsewhere classified)

This occupation group covers Sales Representatives not elsewhere classified.

Code: 611399


Designs, fabricates and paints signs for display, buildings, hoardings, boats, and vehicles. Specialised in marketing for promotional purposes.

Code: 399611