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Hospitality & Food Databases

Comprehensive and Up-to-Date Data for the Hospitality and Food Sector


This class consists of units mainly engaged in providing accommodation for visitors, such as hotels, motels and similar units   Primary activities:  Camping ground operation, Caravan park operation, Holiday house and flat operation, Hotel operation, Motel operation, Resort operation, Serviced apartments, Ski-lodge operation.

Code: 4400

Accommodation and Hospitality Managers

This occupation group covers Accommodation and Hospitality Managers not elsewhere classified.  Registration or licensing may be required.  Occupations in this group include: Retirement Village Manager, Backpackers Manager, Boarding House Manager, Hostel Manager.

Code: 141999


Units primarily engaged in baking and selling bread, cakes, pastries, and other baked goods. These establishments may operate standalone bakeries or be part of larger food service operations, providing freshly baked products for retail or wholesale. Includes artisanal and commercial bakeries, patisseries, and specialty bread shops.

Code: 351111

Bed and Breakfast Operators

Organises and controls the operations of a bed and breakfast to provide a short term, highly personalised accommodation and leisure service for guests including breakfast.  Ensures guests needs, wants and comfort are satisfied during their stay.

Code: 141911

Butchers or Smallgoods Makers

Selects, cuts, trims, prepares and arranges meat for sale or supply, operates meat or smallgoods processing machines, or manages the processes in the production of smallgoods.

Code: 351211

Cafe or Restaurant Managers

Organises and controls the operations of a cafe, restaurant or related establishment to provide dining and catering services.  Alternative Titles: Food and Beverage Manager, Restaurateur.

Code: 141111

Cafes and Restaurants

This class consists of units mainly engaged in providing food and beverage serving services for consumption on the premises. Customers generally order and are served while seated (i.e. waiter/waitress service) and pay after eating.  Primary activities:  Cafe operation, Restaurant operation.

Code: 4511

Catering Services

This class consists of units mainly engaged in providing catering services at specified locations or events such as airline catering. Meals and snacks may be transported and/or prepared and served on or off the premises, as required by the customer.  Primary activities: Airline food catering service, Airline food catering service.

Code: 4513


Plans and organises the preparation and cooking of food in a dining or catering establishment  Specialisations: Chef de Partie, Commis Chef, Demi Chef, Second Chef, Sous Chef.

Code: 351311

Clubs (Hospitality)

This class consists of associations mainly engaged in providing hospitality services to members. These hospitality services include gambling, sporting or other social or entertainment facilities.  Primary activities: Hospitality club operation.

Code: 4530

Hairdressing and Beauty Services

This class consists of units mainly engaged in providing hairdressing services or in providing beauty services such as nail care services, facials or applying make-up.

Code: 9511

Passenger Car Rental and Hiring

This class consists of units mainly engaged in hiring, leasing or renting passenger cars without drivers. Passenger cars include station wagons and minibus.

Code: 6611


Units primarily engaged in preparing and baking pastries, cakes, tarts, and other dessert items. These establishments focus on creating a variety of sweet baked goods, often specialising in high-quality and artisanal products. Includes patisseries, dessert shops, and specialty pastry bakeries.

Code: 351112

Pubs, Taverns and Bars

Hotels, bars, and similar units mainly serving alcoholic beverages for on-premises or off-premises consumption. May also provide food services, gambling, and live entertainment. Includes bar, hotel bar, night club, pub, tavern, and wine bar operations.

Code: 4520

Takeaway Food Services

Units providing ready-to-eat food in takeaway containers or packaging. Customers order, pay before eating, and can consume food on premises, take it away, or have it delivered. Includes operations in food halls and food courts. Primary activities: Juice bar, mobile food van, and takeaway food operations.

Code: 4512

Travel Agency and Tour Arrangement Services

This class consists of units mainly engaged in acting as agents in selling travel, tour and accommodation services as well as units providing travel arrangement and reservation services for airlines, cars, hotels and restaurants. Also included are units mainly engaged in arranging, assembling, wholesaling and retailing tours.

Code: 7220