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Finance Databases

Comprehensive and Up-to-Date Data for the Finance Sector

Accountants (General)

Provides services relating to compliance-based financial reporting, auditing, insolvency and accounting information systems; and advises on associated record-keeping requirements. Registration or licensing may be required for certain services such as auditing.

Code: 221111

Accounts Clerks

Monitors creditor and debtor accounts, and undertakes related routine documentation. May work in a call centre. Alternative Title: Accounts Payable or Receivable Clerk, Audit Clerk.

Code: 551111


Maintains and evaluates records of financial transactions in account books and computerised accounting systems.  Specialisation: Financial Administration Officer.

Code: 551211

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs)

Plans, organises, directs, controls and coordinates the financial and accounting activities within an organisation.  Alternative Titles: CFO, Finance Director, Financial Controller.  Specialisation: Financial Administrators

Code: 132211

Commodities Traders

Operates as an independent agent to bring together buyers and sellers of commodities, negotiates private sales and arranges sales through established market places. Alternative Title: Commodities Broker

Code: 222111

Company Secretaries

Plans, administers and reviews corporate compliance activities and effective practice concerning company board meetings and shareholdings, ensuring all business matters and transactions are managed and implemented as directed by the board.

Code: 221211

Corporate Treasurers

Manages corporate funding, liquidity, and financial risk for the profitable development and operation of an organisation. Involved in acquisitions, disposals, and joint ventures. Registration or licensing may be required.

Code: 221212

Cost Clerks

Calculates and investigates the cost of wages, materials, overheads and other operating expenses.

Code: 551112

Credit or Loans Officers/Finance Clerks

Analyses, evaluates and processes credit and loan applications. May work in a call centre.  Alternative Titles: Lending Consultant, Loans Consultant, Loans Officer.

Code: 552211


Performs economic research and analysis, develops and applies theories about production and distribution of goods and services and people's spending and financial behaviour, and provides advice to governments and organisations on economic policy issues.

Code: 224311

External Auditors

Designs and operates information and reporting systems, procedures and controls to meet external financial reporting requirements.

Code: 221213

Finance Brokers

Operates as an independent agent in the course of financial negotiations and arranges loans of money on behalf of clients. Specialisations: Lease Broker, Mortgage Broker.

Code: 222112

Financial Brokers not elsewhere classified

This occupation group covers Financial Brokers not elsewhere classified.   Occupations in this group include: Investment Brokers.

Code: 222199

Financial Dealers not elsewhere classified

This occupation group covers Financial Dealers not elsewhere classified.  Occupations in this group include:  Equities Analysts

Code: 222299

Financial Investment Advisers

Develops and implements financial plans for individuals or organisations, and advises on investment strategies and their taxation implications, securities, insurance, pension plans and real estate.

Code: 222311

Financial Investment Managers

Invests and manages sums of money and assets on behalf of others over an agreed period of time, in order to generate income and profit. 

Code: 222312

Financial Market Dealers

Buys and sells securities within financial markets, and trades and distributes financial securities on behalf of financial institutions.  Alternative Title: Money Market Dealer, Derivatives Trader, Fixed Interest Dealer, Foreign Exchange Dealer, Securities Dealer.

Code: 222211

Insurance Brokers

Operates as an independent agent to sell life, fire, accident, industrial or other forms of insurance for a range of insurance companies.

Code: 222113

Insurance Consultants

Prepares and checks documentation associated with insurance. May work in a call centre.  Alternative Title: Insurance Clerk

Code: 552312

Internal Auditors

Examines, verifies, evaluates and reports on financial, operational and managerial processes, systems and outcomes to ensure financial and operational integrity and compliance, and assists in business process reviews, risk assessments, developing deliverables and reporting progress against outcomes.

Code: 221214

Land Economists

Provides advice on the administration and use of land and property.  Alternative Title: Property Economist, Asset Manager (Land and Property).

Code: 224511

Management Accountants

Provides services in performance-based financial reporting, asset valuation, budgeting, cost management, pricing, forecasting, and strategic governance. Offers advice on financial planning, risk management, carbon projects, and carbon pricing. Assists management with decision-making reports, cost performance insights, benchmarking, and quality improvement initiatives.

Code: 221112

Payroll Clerks

Prepares payroll and related records for employee salaries and statutory record-keeping purposes.  Alternative Title: Pay Clerk, Payroll Officer

Code: 551311

Policy Analysts

Develops and analyses policies guiding the design, implementation and modification of government or commercial operations and programs.  Alternative Title: Policy Adviser.

Code: 224412

Stockbroking Dealers

Buys and sells stocks and bonds on behalf of clients.  Alternative Titles: Sharebroker, Stockbroker

Code: 222213

Taxation Accountants

Analyses, reports and provides advice on taxation issues to organisations or individuals, prepares taxation returns and reports, and handles disputes with taxation authorities. Alternative Titles: Taxation Agent, Taxation Consultant.  Alternative Title: Economic Analyst, Agricultural Economist, Taxation Economist

Code: 221113


Assesses the value of land, property, commercial equipment, merchandise, personal effects, household goods and objects of art. Specialisations: Plant and Machinery Valuer, Property Valuer, Real Estate Valuer

Code: 224512