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Corporate Databases

Comprehensive and Up-to-Date Data for the Corporate Sector

Advertising Managers

Oversees advertising departments and manages promotional campaigns to support business objectives. Ensures that campaigns run efficiently within budget constraints.

Code: 131113

Chief Executives or Managing Directors

Administers, formulates, and reviews strategic policies, managing the company's activities according to the vision and goals set by the board.

Code: 111111

Chief Information Officers

Oversees the technological direction of the organisation, implements strategic IT initiatives, and manages information technology resources.

Code: 135111

Corporate General Managers

Plans, organises, directs, and controls the overall operation of a business or part of a business, reporting to a Chief Executive or Managing Director.

Code: 111211

Corporate Services Managers

Supervises the administrative services of an organisation, including the coordination of support services, facilities management, and office operations.

Code: 132111

Customer Service Managers

Manages the team that resolves customer issues and ensures that the organisation provides a high level of customer service. Monitors and improves customer satisfaction metrics.

Code: 149212

Facilities Managers

Ensures that facilities are safe, efficient, and compliant with regulations. Oversees building maintenance, services, and security operations.

Code: 149913

Finance Managers

Plans, directs, and coordinates financial activities and manages the financial health of the organisation. They develop financial strategies and oversee budgeting and reporting.

Code: 132211

Fleet Managers

Organises and controls the buying and selling of vehicles for rental agencies and coordinates the leasing of vehicles. Registration or licensing may be required.

Code: 149411

Function & Conference Coordinators

Organises and manages corporate functions, events, and conferences, ensuring all details are handled professionally and efficiently.

Code: FCC

Human Resources Managers

Oversees the human resources department, managing recruitment, employee relations, benefits, and compliance with labour laws.

Code: 132311

ICT (IT) Project Manager

Plans, organises, directs, controls and coordinates quality accredited ICT projects. Accountable for day-to-day ops of resourcing, scheduling, prioritisation and task coordination.

Code: 135112

Marketing Specialists

Develops and implements marketing strategies to promote products or services. Conducts market research, oversees advertising campaigns, and evaluates performance.

Code: 225113

Office Managers

Organises and supervises administrative activities in an office environment, ensuring efficient operations and adherence to company policies.

Code: 512111

Personal Assistants

Provides administrative support to executives, managing schedules, correspondence, and other organisational tasks.

Code: 521111

Policy and Planning Managers

Plans and directs the activities of policy and planning departments, ensuring strategic alignment with organisational goals.

Code: 132411

Production Managers (Manufacturing)

Oversees the manufacturing process, ensuring production targets are met and quality standards are maintained.

Code: 133512

Production Managers (Mining)

Supervises mining operations, ensuring safety standards are met and production goals are achieved.

Code: 133513

Public Relations Managers

Manages public relations activities, including media relations, event planning, and corporate communications to maintain a positive public image.

Code: 131114

Purchasing Officers

Prepares purchase orders, negotiates contracts with suppliers, and monitors supply sources to ensure availability of materials and services.

Code: 591113

Receptionists (General)

Provides front-desk support, manages incoming calls, and greets visitors, ensuring professional and courteous interactions.

Code: 542111

Research and Development Managers

Directs research and development activities, ensuring innovation and product development align with corporate objectives.

Code: 132511

Sales and Marketing Managers

Develops sales strategies and marketing plans to drive business growth. Manages sales teams and oversees marketing initiatives.

Code: 131112

Secretary (General)

Provides administrative support, manages correspondence, and maintains records, ensuring efficient office operations.

Code: 521211