Martins DataPort Databases

The way to keep your contacts continuously up-to-date for a whole year

Why do you need Martins DataPort?

Data decay can have a big impact on an organisation, including marketing, customer relationships, sales and finance. Data decay happens naturally as people change jobs, companies go out of business or merge. In any given year, businesses can change by at least 30% and this increases  markedly when you have a recession or an economic crisis, such as New Zealand is experiencing currently.

  • Business Data changes by at least 30% each year
  • Times of economic turmoil accelerate these changes
  • Maintaining your Customer Relationship software (CRM) is a constant challenge 
  • Ensure you are using the most current data when communicating with your customers and prospects which saves time and money
  • Benefit from any new Companies we load over your subscription period

What is DataPort?

DataPort is our online data download facility.  It enables you to purchase any or all of the eight databases above and to have continuously updated data available to download for a period of one year, always giving you access to the latest contact information.

It's easy to use - you'll have a Unique Login and Password, and will be able to download the latest updates of the Database you've purchased with full updated contact information.

If you only want to see the changes in the database to upload, there is an "update field" which will advise of any changes, e.g. Contact Name, Address change, or new telephone number.

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