Email Marketing

Email marketing is extremely effective in getting your message directly to the decision-maker. It also saves you time and money and generates instant results for your business.

Our clients are using email marketing for:

  • Introducing new products
  • Invitations to Product Launches and Trade Events
  • Increasing website traffic 
  • Sending regular e-newsletters
  • CompetitionsPress releases – breaking news
  • Surveying existing customers

Martins can provide email addresses of appropriate individuals, create the message with links to your website and a landing page for brochure requests, and send the email at optimum viewing times.

We then provide a full report of who received the email, who clicked through to your website, who clicked through to a request for information page, and who has unsubscribed.

For more information about our Email Marketing services, please click on the box below for our FAQ's Pdf document.

Your Email Message - What we do

  • Layout of the written copy with photographic images
  • Insert links to your website and specific product pages
  • Design and layout of "request for Information page" to mirror the main message
  • Send your personalised e-mail message at the optimum time
  • Provide full comprehensive reporting in Excel of those who have opened the email, click-throughs, requests for information, and unsubscribes.

Email Campaign Pricing

Run an email campaign through Martins and be assured of a reliable service with predictable costs.

Many other companies will charge per hour for the email design with extra costs for links and merge fields. We prefer to let you know costs up front.

HTML Page – Design of Email Message, Layout with text and images, Links to your website and Design of a Landing Page for requests for information @ $300.00 (Flat Fee) + GST
Send & Report: Send out your Personalised Email Message and provide full Reporting of who opened the email, who clicked on links, or requested information @ $0.40c per email + GST

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