Liaise with Leaders in NZ Business

Now is the time to make contact with the 'Decision Makers' to get your business noticed. With CEO's, CFO's, CIO's, and many more top Executives, get in touch and discuss how your business can make a difference to them. We have a total of 22,540 Senior Executives within companies with 20+ staff in NZ. We've identified the following Executives within these companies e.g. Marketing Managers, Human Resources Specialists, Finance Managers, IT and Web Specialists, as well as other key people in these larger businesses. If you need to target a particular type of Executive for your business we can segment these geographically, so you can contact people in your region first. Here are a few Executives with nationwide numbers:

Chief Executive Officers (CEO's) - We have all these top executives within the larger enterprises in New Zealand. With a total of 1,630 Chief Executive Officers nationwide across all industries, most of these contacts have Personalised Mail, Telephone and Email addresses for you to make contact. Click Corporates for more information.

Chief Financial Officers and Financial Controllers - With the responsibility of directing, planning, and organising the accounting activities within organisations these people keep the wheels of finance turning in New Zealand. With full addresses including Mail, Telephone and Email addresses, we have a total of 1,504 personalised contacts. See more Chief Financial Officers

Chief Information Officers and IT Managers - Our data details for the Chief Information Officers and Information Technology Managers targets those involved in managing the computer systems and technology within a business. We have a total of 790 contacts including full Mail, Telephone and Email addresses for you to make contact. For more information IT Specialists

Managing Directors - New Zealand has a large number of small to medium sized companies throughout. We have a total of 5,299 Managing Directors of these businesses available across all industries. We can segment these businesses geographically or by Industry, so please just ask us and we will be able to give you the exact number of contacts that are relevant to your business. Call us on 09 636 1300 for a count of the people you need.

Data Digits at a Glance - Named Contacts
1,626 - Marketing Managers
1,134 - Human Resources Managers
1,529 - General Managers
771  -  Project Managers

Privacy Matters
In these challenging times your business may need to see some expert advice when navigating tricky issues such as employees' privacy and their vaccination status. For these types of questions and other privacy related matters the Privacy Commissioner's website has a useful directory of privacy professionals. Click Directory of Privacy Professionals