Health Heroes at Martins

The health of our country is paramount, particularly as Covid ravages the world. Health professionals have been front and centre with our fight to stay safe from the Covid-19 Delta variant. If you need to contact these people we have a large database of Medical contacts including: Doctors, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists, Specialists, Dentists, and many more.

Doctors - GP's
Nationwide we have a total of just over 2,500 Doctors. You have the option of selecting all the doctors within the Medical Practices, or just one contact per practice. We have Personalised mailing, telephone, and Email addresses for the majority of these practices.

These retail businesses have had huge pressure throughout the Pandemic with all the extra health and hygiene checks in place. We have 1,083 Pharmacies throughout New Zealand. With Mailing, Telephone and some email addresses. These businesses have helped keep us safe and have provided vital medications.

New Zealand's Physios are always busy with accident, medical and sporting injuries. We have identified 820 practices throughout New Zealand for you to contact. Full Mailing, telephone and email addresses are available for you to make contact.

Covering Tooth decay through to dental surgery we have a wide range of Dental Specialists throughout the country. A total of 1,270 Practices caring for our teeth. We have mailing, telephone, and email addresses. Dentists

Privacy Matters
The new Privacy Act has been in force for 9 months now so, it is timely to refresh your organisation on the requirements and expectations of the Act. The Privacy Commissioner has produced a handy guide that can be circulated within your organisation covering the following:

  • Privacy Act 2020 changes
  • Breach notifications
  • Cross-border disclosure
  • Enforcement powers
  • Updated Privacy principles
  • Access directions.

To access the 6 page Privacy Act Changes Document Click here