Deep Clean your Database during Lockdown

Martins have been working remotely for over two years now, so we have all the processes in place to communicate with you while working separately and remotely. We have a total of 74,000 Business emails, 24,500 mobile numbers linked to 156,400 New Zealand businesses.

Data Counts:
We are fully able to supply Data Counts and Data Orders of businesses and their people over this time. We can email these databases through to you to continue to grow your business, or to spend this quieter time consolidating the cleaning your existing database, so you are ready to go once the Lockdown eases.

Database Maintenance and Cleaning
Another consideration is using your time to get your internal database in good shape ready for the recovery. We can tidy this up for you, as well as adding new fields such as Staff Numbers, and Industry codes, so you will be able to analyse your customer bas and be ready to roll out effective marketing campaigns.

Get in touch with us and we can help you have the ability to drill down within your customer database and get a clearer view of your customers.