Dishing up a Data Feast with Martins

Food Glorious Food - 
New Zealand grows, grazes and harvests some of the best vegetables, beef, sheep, and seafood in the world. If this is your market in supporting these businesses who are the backbone of the NZ economy, we have the contact details for you. We're also featuring Health & Safety people and some vital Privacy issues that could impact your business.

Cultivate, Create, Convey, Consume
From harvest and production to processing and delivery, and finally the end users, we have all the contacts for food businesses throughout New Zealand. These include growers, manufacturers, cafes, and restaurants.

Food Manufacturers: These companies take local and overseas products and turn these into products that make it onto our supermarket shelves, or into our restaurants and cafes. With a total of 1,230 food manufacturers throughout New Zealand we have all the contact details including email addresses in the majority of cases. 

Food Suppliers: These companies distribute both local fresh and processed food throughout the country. They are also involved in shipping NZ product overseas. There are 410 companies available with all the relevant mailing, telephone and email addresses.

Restaurants and Cafes: New Zealand's restaurants and cafes are surviving throughout this difficult time, so if you need to get in contact with them we have the details. With 1,500 cafes and restaurants nationwide they all need fresh and processed food to continue to serve the country with excellent food offerings. For more information click Restaurants and Cafes

Occupational Health and Safety Advisors: Paramount to keeping all New Zealanders safe in the work environment, these specialists are key to teaching and supporting businesses to stay safe. With a mix of Occupational Health and Safety Advisors, as well as specific Health & Safety people within larger companies, we have a total of 820 people who perform this role. Reach out to these safety decision makers in all areas of industry either by Email, Telephone, Mobile, or Mail. Click Occupational Health and Safety Advisors

Data Digits at a Glance - Named Company Contacts
Food Manufacturers - 1,230 Company contacts
Food Suppliers - 410 Companies
Restaurants & Cafes - 1,500
Occupational Health & Safety - 820

Privacy Matters - The other Viruses...
As businesses learn to live through a pandemic, we are very much aware of the other types of viruses that can have a major impact on us; Malware/Ransomware and other malicious computer viruses. The recent attack on the Waikato DHB showed us how reliant we have become on our computer systems. Ransomware and the potential data breaches these cause do need to be in our thoughts in light of the new Privacy Act. To learn more click Privacy Breaches information

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