Target SME's and Clean Up in 3

Smaller Companies in New Zealand. 
Support local small to medium NZ businesses. Our domestic market needs to thrive on local business to keep Kiwis in jobs, as well as strengthening our economy. So we encourage you to take a closer look at your customer base using our three easy steps; segmenting them to see who is buying, which industries use your products or services, and filling any gaps with new contacts to grow your business.

Know your customers with Data Analysis in Three Easy Steps

  1. We can clean and enhance your existing customer database to ensure that it is completely up-to-date.
  2. We can add Industry codes so you can analyse which are your key customer industries using ANZSIC (Australia and New Zealand Standard Industry Classification) codes.
  3. We can supply you with new customers who match the same criteria as your existing database, enabling you to gain new business.

Your customer database is vital to your business success, so get the full picture of who your buyers are - not just a snapshot. For more info click Data Services

1-5 Staff Sized Businesses: These companies make up the majority of SME's with a total of 39,800 personalised Company contacts. Approximately 57% also have email address contact details. If you need a specific industry we can narrow that down through our search function to give you exactly who you need to contact. Call us on Ph 09 636 1300 if this is your target market

6-9 Staff Sized Businesses: New Zealand has many companies with between 6-9 staff covering all industries. With a total of 13,331 of these nationwide we can identify exactly the right target for your products and services. 6,940 of these contact also have Email addresses, Mobiles, Mailing, and Telephone numbers. 

10-20 Staff Sized Businesses: At the upper end of SME businesses with staff sizes 10-20 we have just of 9,900 companies. 64% of these have email addresses. Reach out to the Decision Makers in all areas of industry either by Email, Telephone, Mobile or Mail. 

Data Digits at a Glance - Named Company Contacts of Small to Medium Sized Businesses
SME 1-5 Staff Size - 39,800
SME 6-9 Staff Size - 13,331
SME 10-20 Staff Size - 9,900
E-Commerce Online Businesses - 5,700

Privacy Matters - Update on the New Privacy Act 2020
Four months after the introduction of the new Privacy Act 2020 on the 1st December 2020, the Privacy Commissioner has seen a 97% increase in reported breaches of Data Privacy compared with the previous 6 months. Read the Report
The Office of the Privacy Commissioner has created a useful tool called "NotifyUs" to work out whether you need to report a privacy/data breach or not. NotifyUs for Organisations

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