8 Email Marketing Tips from Martins

8 Email Marketing Tips to help your Business Grow

  1. Always Personalise your Message to the recipient e.g. Hi "First Name"
  2. Keep your message personalised about your business, tell them how you've kept going in this tough business environment. Tell them your story
  3. Make content interactive - "What's in it for your customer?"
  4. Look at what worked best in your email marketing and keep that formula
  5. Email marketing has an average ROI that is 4 x higher than other marketing channels
  6. Lead generation, website traffic, and improving brand reputation are the top three priorities using content marketing
  7. Using direct speech and strong verbs in your email content with links to more information for further reading
  8. Use "How To" Guides and have educational content linked to your website 

We can create and send your Email Campaign for you. For more information about our email marketing service see our Email Marketing FAQ's

New Zealand Managers - our 'Decision Makers'
General Managers
We have over 1,700 named General Managers across all industries in New Zealand. We have full mail, telephone and email addresses. You can also segment these Managers by Industry and Geographically to reach your specific target market.

Office/Administration/Practice Managers
These Managers are involved in the workings of running the business from day to day. We have a total of 1,730 Managers in all business sectors. Some of these industries are: Architectural, Legal, Accounting, Engineering, Medical, and many more.

Operations Managers
These people take raw materials, knowledge, capital, equipment, and time, and transform them into goods and services. Nationwide we have just over 900 of these Specialists with the majority having full contact details including email addresses.

Privacy Matters - Do you have a Privacy Statement?
If your organisation collects personal information, you need a Privacy Statement for your website or to form part of your policies.  The Privacy Commissioners website has a handy Privacy Statement Generator called Priv-o-matic to guide you through the process step by step, which only takes 5 minutes.  This will help you fill in your details to provide a finished Privacy Statement for your business. Click Privacy Statement Generator to complete your Privacy Statement.