A Helping Hand for Business

New Zealand Business, Finance, Tax and HR Advisors
Businesses are in such a state of change with the Pandemic that they need all the help they can get with Financial Advisors, Accountants, and People and Culture Managers who can proactively cultivate a healthy business environment to weather this storm. 

e-Commerce in New Zealand - with recent changes to the way we do business, more businesses are now welling their products and services online.  We have 7,800 of these Businesses for you to contact if you have products and services that can speed up the process.  Give us a call to discuss your specific requirements on Ph: 09 636 1300.

Business & Financial Advisors:
There are a number of Business, Finance & Tax advisors available for you to contact with a total of 700 nationwide.  These people are in high demand with the current changing business market, where advice is essential to survive.  We have Mail, Telephone and Email addresses for these business Specialists.  

We have full coverage across New Zealand of 4,510 Accountants available.  These Financial specialists can advise businesses during critical times and enable sound business decisions to be made.  For more information Accountants

People and Culture Managers:
Human Resources Managers, Change Managers, Training Managers, Performance Managers, these people are key to ensuring the culture and health of New Zealand businesses stay strong during these unprecedented times.  With over 1,100 People Specialists we can help you make contact with your target market.  Click Human Resources for further information.

Privacy Matters:
The new Privacy Act 2020 will come into law on 1 December 2020. Some of the new privacy protections for individuals and requirements for organisations, include mandatory privacy breach notifications, access to data and compliance notices.  The following video from the Privacy Commissioner's website is very helpful and introduces some of these key changes. Privacy Act 2020 Video