Cranking up NZ Business with Martins

Let's get NZ Business going again after the Lockdown - how we can help...

Now that we are at Alert Level 3 we've got the nationwide businesses who are able to operate.  From the Building industry to the Manufacturers, we got comprehensive databases throughout the country will all the contact details. So if you need to get in touch with them, give us a call on Ph: 09 636 1300 and we'll help you identify the exact businesses appropriate now for your business. 

Building Companies
We have a total of just over 3,000 Building Companies nationwide. Now that they are able to build again in Alert Level 3, this is the time to make contact.  Click the following link to see further details: Building Companies

Vital to make everything light up, these people are essential in keeping commercial properties and homeowners safe and warm.  We have over 1700 Electrical Businesses throughout the country with full contact details.  For more details: Electrical Businesses

Whether on new builds or existing homes, plumbers are essential in connecting up water or drainage in and out of buildings.  Some of these businesses also specialise in Gas Fitting systems.  You can segment Nationwide or by Region, City, or Town, to further identify your target market.  If you'd like more info please click: Plumbers

Now that all manufacturers are able to work again, with safety precautions in place, they will need supplies and services to keep them going, so if this is your target market make sure you are not missing any relevant businesses who would use your products.  With over 3,000 businesses nationwide, we can select by industry, region, and size of business to best suit your offering. Click Manufacturing for more info.

Give us a call now on Ph: 09 636 1300 or get in touch through our Contact Page

We're in this together to keep New Zealand going,