Professionals in Business

Lawyers - Accountants - Financial Specialists
Business can't do without these people!! They keep tabs on our business Finances, Legal requirements, and Investments, making sure everything is in order. 
New Zealand has a wealth of professionals who underpin and drive NZ industry.  With 3,900 Accounting Specialists, 5,400 Lawyers, and 3,500 Financial Specialists, we've got it covered. If your products and services are sold or used in these Practices, we can provide you with a comprehensive database for you to reach out to.
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NZ Post new Pricing
NZ Post introduced Zonal Pricing on the 1st July - a new way of getting bulk mail rates.  They have divided the country in 4 zones using post codes.  Zone A, B, C, and D. Essentially it will be less expensive to post to mail Zone A (main urban centres) and the most expensive rates are for Zone D which is rural.  NZ Post will also require a portion of your database to be lodged with them so they can work out their charges based on your post codes and Zones.  The good news is that if you get this right, the savings can be significant from the normal postage cost.  Martins data enables you to get the best rate, as we have a Statement of Accuracy (SOA) rate of 96%. 
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