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At Martins our aim is not only to have the largest database - it is to have the best database.

What this means for your sales and marketing campaigns...

  • Accurate Business Contacts
  • All Industries
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Specifically Targeted

While Agriculture is still New Zealand's largest industry, diversification means that Food Processing, Textiles, Machinery and Transportation Equipment, Finance, Tourism and Mining have all become significant employers in a growing market.  All Martins data has an ANZSIC (Australia and New Zealand Standard Industry Code) so that you can select specific industries for your marketing campaigns.  Click here to see all our Databases by Industry

Building Companies  - We have a total of 5,700 Building Companies throughout New Zealand, 4,000 of these companies also come with personalised details of the most Senior Person within these businesses.

Cafes and Restaurants  -  With so many tourists and holiday makers travelling around our beautiful country during the summer, we have 6,500 Cafes, Restaurants, Pubs, and Taverns to feed and quench their thirsts.  If you need to get in touch with these businesses, we have nationwide contacts.

Managing Directors and General Managers - With 7,820 Managing Directors across all industries, there are a lot of Senior Decision makers to make contact with.  And a further 2,960 General Managers. A large number of these business leaders also have personalised email addresses available.

Privacy Matters
The amended Privacy Act had it's first Reading in Parliament in March of this year.  It is newsworthy as the first Privacy Act came into law in 1993 and the world has changed considerably over the past 25 years.  Currently it is with the Justice Committee and their report/recommendations will be submitted by 13 March 2019.  It will then need to complete it's passage through Parliament.  It is difficult to say when this may become Law, but it is clear that it has the support of the Political Parties judging by the transcript from the First Reading.  It is certainly likely to be Law in either 2019 or 2020.

Transcript of the First Reading in Parliament
Privacy Commissioner's comments about the amended Privacy Act