Spring Clean your Database with Martins

Is your data Old and Tired? Incomplete?
Does it need updating? Enhancing?
Do you need new contacts?

Martins is the answer to all these questions.  We can clean, update, append new data fields, and enhance your existing database.  And we can also Profile your database and provide Marketing Analysis.

Step 1. Cleaning
This is the beginning process where we start by removing the duplicate records.  These can be flagged for removal, so you know how many there are.  We will correct the Casing, making all your data "Sentence Case" (a mixture of upper and lower case letters).  We will clean address fields for New Zealand Post compliance.  Add "PO Box", and add the correct Post Codes.  We will split Contact names, and add Job Titles as part of the process.  Click here for Data Cleaning information

Step 2. Enhancing
We can enhance your data by adding missing demographic fields to your existing records.  This is a continuation of the cleaning process.  We can add the following fields to your existing database: Phone Numbers, Branches, Mobile numbers, Email Addresses, Contact Names, Street Addresses, Post Codes, Staff Numbers, Type of Business, Website Addresses.  Click here for Data Enhancing Information

Step 3. Appending
We can add new Business Contacts to your database with full fields including: Company Name, Trading Name, Postal Address, Postal Postcode, Street Address, Street Address Postcode, Telephone number, First Name, Last Name, Full Contact Name, Job Title, Staff No., Core Business, Email address, and ANZSIC Code.  What's an ANZSIC Code?  Australia/New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification).  This is a 4 digit code that is appended to every one of our data records giving you an exact and detailed industry description.  We have an ANZSIC Code spreadsheet for you to choose your exact target market, enabling you to identify your new prospects.

Step 4. Profiling & Marketing Analysis
Once we have enhanced your database (and added ANZSIC Codes and industry descriptions), we can profile your best customers.  Then we can provide additional matching records, which will give you a full and complete database to ensure you reach your existing and new customers, and are getting the most value out of your database.   

Please give us a call on Ph: 0800 222 5478 if you'd like to talk with us about how we can help.