Super Duper Specifiers from Martins

Reach the Specifiers

Wherever you look buildings are being built, both residential and commercial.  If your product needs to be specified in these buildings, you need to get to the Specifiers early and we have all the contacts:

  • Architects & Architectural Designers
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Designers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Landscape Architects

Getting in on the ground floor is key to getting your products and services specified for both Commercial and Residential buildings.  We have all the Specialists in this booming sector in New Zealand.

This is the time to target these professionals, while in the design phase, to let them know what your company produces that will make their buildings smarter, sounder, and perhaps more environmentally friendly.  With 1777 Architects nationwide and 1233 Architectural Designers/Draughtspersons nationwide, you need to have access to every Specifier to increase you reach.  Click here to go to "Building Specifiers"

Privacy Matters - Privacy Officers for Agencies
Almost everyone who holds personal information is an "Agency" under the Privacy Act.

Privacy is very much in the public eye at the moment thanks to Facebook.  Much as been said and written about this, so I won't add to this, except to say that now is the time for any business to make sure it has a designated Privacy Officer.  If you are yet to address this, here is a helpful guide on the Privacy Commissioners website:  Privacy Officer Overview

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