Get the Low Down on Data from Martins

Frequently Asked Questions?

When you want something to be straight-forward and to "make sense", why is it that everything seems so complicated!!  We have take the "hassle" out of buying that essential database for your business by giving you a heads up on all those data "Questions".

We've addressed the most Frequently Asked Questions so you can make a well informed decision.  
We hope this helps you to know more about Martins Business databases.

Q. Where do you get your data from?
A. A variety of public sources including; the Companies Office, Company Websites, Associations, Social Media, Magazines, Newspapers, News feeds, Google.  We will also telephone our data to ensure the information is correct and that we have the right industry Codes and staff numbers.

Q. How accurate is your data - how often is it checked?
A. All our data is checked at least once a year, but larger companies are checked as frequently as every three months.  We have a dedicated team of 9 people who constantly maintain our data.  We have been compiling and maintaining our data since 1989, so we pride ourselves on our accuracy.

Q. What is your guarantee on returns/bounced emails?
A. 100% Credit for all returned and verified data

Q. What format is the data supplied in?
A. Normally it's in an Excel Spreadsheet, but it can be in other formats ie. CSV, TEXT

Q. Can we use the data more than once?
A. Yes!  All our prices are for purchase of the data.  You can use it until it goes out of date, then you can purchase a new updated database from us.

Q. What is the Selection Fee?
A. It is a processing fee to cover the data count, extraction and sending of the data.  We don't have minimum quantities of records, which enables you to purchase small and highly targeted contacts from us.

Q. How does Martins data compare with Statistics New Zealand
A. Statistics NZ gathers information on all NZ businesses to help its clients (mainly Government) understand the business environment.  These Government Departments can have different definitions as to what constitutes an "Enterprise" than a Business to Business marketer would have.  Medium to large employers may consist of more than one entity e.g. Progressive Enterprises (the largest private sector employer in NZ) consists of over 10 Limited entities, all of which are likely to have multiple employees.  While many marketers would class this as 1 entity, Statistics NZ would most likely count every entity.  A Limited entity with a single director/employee/owner can often be counted more than once - as the trust that owns it can also be seen as an entity.  This can also affect entities that have no staff.  Along with the above, shelf companeis can also inflate the Statistics NZ Data numbers.

Q. What filters can be used to pick the right database for us?
A. The most common filters are Industry and Staff Numbers (for size of company), but you can also filter on more fields:  Job Title, Location Region/City/Suburb, Modelled Turnover, and Age of Company.

For more information please give us a call on Ph: 09 636 1300 or the Waikato Office on 07 823 0410