Facebook Targeting Information

Targeting Facebook Audiences using Martins Data

Currently you are able to advertise on Facebook using a range of demographics and criteria.

What you are not able to do is segment by job title or industry. In other words, you are not able to select "Builders" although you could select by "interest" or "stereotype traits" for builders.
Hence the benefit of using Martins data to match to Facebook, as you can advertise to a very targeted group.

  1. Martins run a count for you using any of our normal selection criteria - i.e. Builders in the South Island.
  2. Martins uses this data to match into Facebook by email address, mobile number and telephone number.
  3. Facebook returns the number of matches and creates a specific "Audience" - in this case South Island Builders.
  4. We report back to you in the following format:
  • Number of Total Records =
  • Number of Matches to Facebook Pages =
  • Number of Email Addresses =
  • Number of Mobiles/Telephone Numbers =
Currently, Facebook does not tell us who the matches are - all we know is that we may have loaded 1000 records and 550 matches were found.

As you require all of the Email Addresses, Mobile Numbers and Telephone Numbers to achieve the matches to Facebook, Martins will supply and charge you for all of this data.

Match Rates to Facebook vary from 15% to 47% (we will let you know what the match rate is)

Current cost for this level of data = $1.00 per record. This is the purchase price and the data can be used for future campaigns.

Information Supplied:
Company Name, Trading Name, Postal Address, Physical Address, Telephone Number, Mobile Number (if available), Contact Name, Job Title, Industry, & Staff Numbers.

We also have a Selection Fee of $250.00 per order.

Making it Happen:
We can supply the data, and we work with some experienced companies who can create everything you need to start advertising within Facebook. Let us know if you require assistance with Facebook Advertising.