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Administration Databases

Comprehensive and Up-to-Date Data for Administrative Services

Central Government Administration

This category includes units involved in setting central government policy, managing central government programs, and distributing central government funds. These units ensure the smooth operation of national governance.

Code: 7510

Local Government Administration

This section covers units that manage local government policy, programs, and funding. These units handle the administration of local governance, ensuring effective service delivery at the municipal level.

Code: 7530

Office Administrative Services

This category includes units that provide day-to-day office administrative services such as clerical, billing, and record-keeping. These units support business operations but do not manage the overall activities of the business.

Code: 7291

Practice Managers

Not elsewhere classified

This section covers various types of practice managers, including those in accounting, architecture, law, and veterinary practices. These managers ensure the efficient operation of their respective practices.

Code: 512299

Purchasing Officers

This category includes professionals who prepare purchase orders, monitor supply sources, and negotiate contracts with suppliers. Also known as Procurement Clerks, they play a crucial role in managing the supply chain.

Code: 591113

Religious Services

This section includes units that provide religious services and operate religious facilities such as churches, mosques, temples, and monasteries. These units organize and promote religious activities and events.

Code: 9540

Travel Agency & Tour Services

This category covers units that sell travel and accommodation services, as well as those that arrange and manage travel tours and events. These services include booking for airlines, hotels, and car rentals.

Code: 7220